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We were established to help foster and rehabilitate injured, sick or misplaced indigenous Southern African wildlife.

At Wild and Free Wildlife Centre, we are dedicated to providing care and rehabilitation for indigenous wildlife in South Africa. We operate 24/7, always ready to welcome and assist injured or misplaced animals. As a registered non-profit organisation, our mission is made possible by the generous donations from the public and companies.

Our motto, “Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release,” reflects our commitment to ensuring that these animals get back into their natural habitats as soon as possible.

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Rehabilitated Wildlife

Our goal is to rehabilitate wildlife
Founder, Deidre Jouber

Our doors are open 24/7

Led by Deidre Joubert, an experienced wildlife rehabilitator and member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Fraternity, our centre is located in Hectorspruit on a beautiful piece of land along the Crocodile River. This space was generously provided by Willie Joubert. By opening this centre in the Lowveld region, Deidre hopes to reduce the time between rescue and release.

An important aspect of our work at Wild and Free Wildlife Centre is educating young people about living harmoniously with nature and valuing our country's incredible biodiversity. We believe that by instilling these values early on, future generations will be inspired to care for our precious fauna and flora.

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Become a hero to our wildlife by volunteering

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wild and Free Wildlife Centre, offering valuable assistance in wildlife rehabilitation. That’s why all volunteers receive additional training to ensure they can contribute effectively to our mission.

We are grateful for your support as we work towards a future where wildlife thrives alongside humans in South Africa’s exceptional beauty. Together, we can make a difference!

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