Wild and Free

Wild and Free in partnership with The Aspinall Foundation

At Wild and Free, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Aspinall Foundation, a globally recognized animal conservation charity. This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey to rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals back into their natural habitats.

A Shared Vision for Wildlife Conservation

The Aspinall Foundation, established in 1984, is dedicated to protecting endangered animals across the globe. With their renowned expertise in animal care and conservation, the foundation has been instrumental in returning captive bred animals to their native habitats. They manage various animal protection projects in regions like Congo, Gabon, Java, Madagascar, India, and Cambodia, embodying a commitment to wildlife preservation that aligns perfectly with our mission at Wild and Free​​​​.

Educational & Community Involvement

A core aspect of our partnership involves educational initiatives. The Aspinall Foundation’s engagement with local communities and educational programs is a cornerstone of their work. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for wildlife. Our combined efforts will extend to interactive learning sessions, enhancing awareness and promoting conservation among school groups and the wider community​​.

Back to the Wild

The ‘Back to the Wild’ initiative by The Aspinall Foundation resonates deeply with our goals at Wild and Free. This initiative has successfully reintroduced a significant number of animals born in captivity, including western lowland gorillas, black rhinos, and Javan langurs, back to their natural habitats. We are excited to be a part of this profound and impactful movement, contributing to the thriving and breeding success of these magnificent creatures in the wild​​.

A Commitment to Excellence in Animal Care

Our partnership also brings a shared commitment to excellence in animal care. The Aspinall Foundation’s practices in enrichment techniques and specialized diets for animals are unparalleled. Their dedicated approach ensures the health and stimulation of animals in their care, a practice we embrace wholeheartedly at Wild and Free. From the careful selection of diets to daily enrichment activities, every aspect of animal care is carried out with the utmost attention and compassion​​​​.

Thank you!

Extending Our Gratitude

We are immensely grateful to The Aspinall Foundation for their monetary support, assistance in sourcing donations, and logistical aid in relocating rescued animals. This partnership not only strengthens our capabilities but also enhances our impact in wildlife conservation. Together, we stand committed to making a significant difference in the lives of animals and in the preservation of our natural world​​.

Join us in our mission

We invite our community to join us in this exciting journey. Your support, be it through donations, adopting an animal, or participating in our events, directly contributes to our conservation efforts and the well-being of the animals in our care. Together, with The Aspinall Foundation, we look forward to a future where every animal can thrive in their natural habitat.

Help us save our wildlife!

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