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Our organization greatly relies on the generosity of our supporters. We kindly ask you to refer to the following list for items that are consistently in demand. Please contact us for any donations.

Food Wish List

Puppy & Kitten Formula

Denkavit/ Milk Bar Milk Replacer (Calves & Lambs)

S26 Baby Milk Formula

Nespray Baby Milk Formula

Goat's Milk Formula

Cerelac Baby Cereal

Nestum Baby Cereal


Game Pellets

AVI hand-rear (Phase 1 & 2)

Floating Duck Pallets

Growers Mash

Biorem Powder



AVI-Sub Soluble Vitamins

A/D Restrative Care

Insect Patee

Medical Wish List


Disinfectant, wound spray, surface cleaner

Ringers Lactate Solution (Even used)

Darrows Solution

Micropore Bandages

Microfoam Bandages

Vetrap Bandages


Self-Adhering Bandages

Pill Masher In Container

Non-stick Dressing


Tongue Depressor

10mm-25mm Needles

1ml-5ml Syringes

Alcohol Swipes & Cotton Wool

Cotton Buds

Miscellaneous Wish List

Cat and Dog Beds (Used or New)

Knitted Bird Nests

Blankets (Used or New)

Towels (Used or New)

Rubber Treats and Baby Bottles

Washing Powder

Dishwashing Liquid

Collapsible Cages

Transport Boxes

Feeding Bowls

Miracle Teats

Old Dog Houses

Shade Cloth

Big Plastic Containers

Theater Tables and Light

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Please get in touch with us if you’d like to volunteer or offer your expertise in any way. Any donation, big or small, is alwasy welcome.

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Please feel free to make a donation of any size, your contribution is greatly appreciated.